How to Rent


You agree to the Terms of Rental for each booking made. Unless expressly provided otherwise after the rental fee for bookings from our website, extra services and damage deposit, all of the amount to be paid from our website by credit card or wire transfer or eft way after depositing our company accounts e-mail or fax sent by our company via our booking confirmation.

The inventory of the fixtures delivered at the time of delivery of the villa shall be counted. On the date of departure, after the return of the fixture in the villa has been made by the lessee, the damage deposit received from the tenant will be paid back to the lessee.

Check-in Hours

Check-in time is 16:00 and check-out time is up to 11:00. During this period, the villas are cleaned. If the condition of the villa is available, a play can be made at the opening hours by contacting the host.

Number of Persons to Stay in Villas

The number of people staying in each villa varies. The maximum number of people to stay in the villa is added on the sofa beds or sofas that will allow sleeping in the remaining rooms except the bedrooms in the villa. The maximum number of people to stay is also indicated on the detail pages of each advertisement. In order to protect the rights of the hosts, the maximum number of persons is not allowed to be exceeded.

Properties of Villas

The properties of each villa vary. On the detail page of each villa, these properties are listed as substances.

Technical support

After each tenant exit and before each new tenant entrance, the host and the representative control the entire villa. We have a responsibility to prosecute any problems that may occur within 24 hours by the host or our representative. Generally the problems encountered in the region are electrical or infrastructure problems.


General cleaning is done before each new tenant. Extra cleaning will be calculated according to each villa will be charged to the tenant.

In our villas clean sheets and towels are changed before entering the new tenant.

Damage Deposit

The damage deposit amount of each villa varies. Damage deposit is taken from the tenant at the first payment. Damage Deposit of each villa is stated on the villa detail page.

At the exit of the villa, the villa is checked together with the landlord or representative, and the fee charged for the Damage Deposit will be returned to your account as long as no damage is detected.

Cancellation of Reservation by Guest

Due to our agreement with the owners of the villa and our supporters who will provide extra service, in case of cancellation of the reservation of our guests, if there is a period of 8 weeks or more, we will refund the fee of the payment. No refund will be refunded for cancellations less than this period. In both cases, the Damage Deposit is fully refunded.

Cancellation of Reservation by reserves the right to cancel your reservation if there are no unforeseen circumstances in the places where villas are located (natural disasters, problems that may occur in the installation or possible electrical / water cuts in the area etc.).

In this and similar cases is obliged to return all payment made. According to the request of the guests rented villas to other villas are tried to offer. Our guest can choose from the offered villas, and the entire fee can be returned.

Date Change in Reservation

Date changes can not be made to 30 days before the date of entry to the villa you rented This period is determined because in this period, it is difficult to find a new tenant in the villa and not to experience any victimization need to agree with the landlords.

In case of cancellations of more than 30 days, a fee of 200 TL is charged for the workload to be born and the documents to be prepared.

Due to price differences due to date variability, the price will be re-calculated and if there is a difference, it will be charged or returned to the guests.