Cancellation Policy


The total amount of the villa price deposited in our account (with EFT, or with Remittance, or Credit Card) from the moment is paid you, if you have a period of 8 weeks or more to the entrance to the villa, we will refund the fee paid. No refund will be refunded for cancellations less than this period. In both cases, the Damage Deposit is fully refunded.

The customer may cancel his / her travels before the travel begins. The customer makes the cancellation notice in writing with non-written notices are not acceptable.

In case of cancellation, the client will take a certain percentage of the total cost of the services specified in the travel agreement to cover the measures and costs of the travel of These amounts are determined as follows.
Cancellation conditions;

a)If there is a period of 8 weeks or more, we will return 70% of the fee paid
b)No refund will be refunded for cancellations less than this period.
c)In both cases, the Damage Deposit is fully refunded.

Payments due to the return transactions of the payments made by credit card, such as pecuniary damage, commission fees, such as loads, material damage to be borne by Republic of Turkey, banks or banks to , will be returned to the customer is cut through the money.

If, for any reason, the villa reservation is canceled by, this will be notified to the customer as soon as possible. If there is an equivalent villa available on the same dates in our portfolio, it will be recommended to the customer. If the customer does not approve and does not enter the mad force majeure gir clause, the money received will be returned to the customer.

If the customer does not make the payment on time, reserves the right to cancel the reservation, not to refund the previously paid fee and to make another reservation to this villa. Cancellations can be made in writing (by e-mail or by registered mail). There is no validity of the cancellations made by talking with the phone. Reservation cancellations are valid from the time of writing to cannot be held responsible for the villa's non-use of the villa, subject to the express written consent of the parties for a reason for the failure of the Customer or termination of the contract without a written notice. The price shown in the contract shall become due on the agreed delivery date of the villa. For this reason reserves all legal rights.


You have the right to make changes to the dates you make your reservation. however, it depends on several conditions. The change is only valid for the same villa and the booking modification fee is 200 TL. The fact that your booking date changes even a day means that all the forms sent to the landlord and to you are changed and resubmitted. Recalculating the price differences arising from the season change means that the payment made to the landlord and the deducted invoices are changed. This fee is charged because it brings us a serious workload.

This is a separate criterion when you want to change your booking date until your home date. You cannot change the date if you have less than 30 days to enter your home. The reason for this is that there is little chance of renting to another guest if the period reserved for you is less than 30 days.